Selecting The Right Wall Covering For Texture And Depth

wall coveringA lot can be done with a home by decorating the walls; it can create an illusion of space and lower tall ceilings.

Texture will provide character and the right color of paint can add depth.

Tiling walls is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, very practical and easy to keep clean.

The variety available is vast, from very basic to extremely intricate. You can even get feature types that make a picture or tableaux; these can be incorporated inside a wall of plainer tiles. If you have a sink in a spare bedroom, a small area of tiles can make it very interesting.

In recent years textured plastering has gone out of vogue mainly because replacing it is very expensive. A change of heart means a complete replastering of the offending wall so really a textured wallpaper will do the same job but be easier to change. Also when selling your property textured walls could be quite off putting to many potential buyers.

The cheapest and easier way to change a wall surface is paint. It is easy and cheap, although before painting walls try a small test area first to make sure you like the chosen color. If you do not feel very daring try having a feature wall in a stronger shade, it works well and can be a good focal point.

Wallpaper has made a big comeback and quite rightly, so it adds pattern and texture to wall like nothing else. You can get antique style patterns of different eras as well as designer prints by quite fashionable designers.


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