Treatments That Work Best For Bay Windows

bay windowsA bay window is defined as “a large window or series of windows projecting from the outer wall of a building and forming a recess within”.

What this means, if you’re lucky enough to have one or more in your home, is extra light, a more panoramic view, and a wonderful focal point for the interior of any room.

Bay windows are also a delightful way to exercise your creativity.

One purpose of a bay window is to provide the interior of a room with a more spacious appearance, which may be why this type of window architecture became so popular in San Francisco’s typically narrow residential structures.

Also, a good view can only be enhanced by the perspective offered by these angled, offset windows.

When it comes to decorating, bay windows lend themselves beautifully to a wide range of treatments.

Window treatments are simply decorative and/or functional items that are added around or in front of a window. Anything from sheer curtains to roller shades can be adapted to your particular window.

If your bay window gets plenty of natural sunlight, you might consider turning the ‘bay’ into a mini-garden.

Artificial plants are almost as enticing as the real thing, and if you don’t have a green thumb, you can still have the man-made variety of Nature’s bounty.

However, even an amateur can grow any number of attractive and sweet-smelling herbs. (You can use them in your favorite recipes and save money, too!)

While the additional glass surface brings more light into the room, you will of course require privacy also, and this means curtains or drapes, or perhaps blinds or screens.

The choices in this area are limited only by your own imagination.

Depending on the size, shape and location of your bay window, and the degree of privacy you need, you will want to consider several different options in window coverings.

Drapes coordinated with the rest of your décor are always attractive, and they can be obtained in every conceivable fabric, texture and color. Swag curtains and valances and cornices can all come into play in the versatile environment of the bay window.

Often a bay window has its own unique and sometimes ornate features; in this case you will probably want to accentuate rather than cover them. Tiebacks, which can be dropped when more privacy is needed, might be ideal for this purpose, or try inside mounted drapes or blinds.

The possibilities are endless, and there are thousands of decorating tips and ideas available on the Net and elsewhere. Do your own thing, and then sit back and enjoy the view!


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