Go Green with these Home Accessories!

It is important for all of us to practice green living because it helps us contribute our share towards saving the environment and maintaining the level of minimum environmental and atmosphere damage. You should try to substitute everything you use with an eco-friendly option, including the home accessories you use, so that you can put your step forward towards effective green living. Below given are some home accessory ideas which can help you adapting an eco-friendly lifestyle.

go green with these home accessories

Eco-Friendly Fabric

Fabric is the most important thing you need for most of the home accessories like cushion covers, furniture covers and curtains. Use cotton fabric and avoid using synthetic or polyester as cotton fabrics are completely natural and undergo safe production procedure. Cotton allows the home to stay even more fresh and so, make sure that you only use cotton fabric for all the home accessories.

Use furniture made from recycled wood. Wood is the most important raw material used in making furniture like sofas, couches and chairs and hence, try to purchase the one made from recycled wood or bagasse. You can also use recycled metal furniture as it is an even more eco-friendly option over choosing wooden furniture.

Eco-Friendly Décor

There are many eco-friendly home décor accessories like rugs, mirrors, frames, clocks and other decorative materials which are made from bamboo and teak wood. You can use them to decorate your house instead of the ones made from harmful chemical products.

Jute Doormats

Doormats are an essential home accessory and you find a lot of them made from jute. You can find them at farm product shops and you can use them as bathroom and door mats. Thy do not even get dirty very easily and hence, that is an added advantage for you. You can also use cotton doormats as cotton fabric is also an eco-friendly product.

Solar Water Heater

Instead of using electric geysers to heat water for bathing every day, you can have a solar water heater panel fitted in your terrace or backyard, so that you can save electricity required for heating water. Make sure that the place where you live receives adequate sunlight so that the solar water heater can be used effectively.

Solar Alarm Clock

There are alarm clocks which function on solar energy instead of consuming electric battery power. You can use these in your homes as alarm clocks are a very important home accessory.

Solar Power Lights

You can install units which absorb solar energy and transfer this energy in operating the electronic appliances like tube lights and fans of your home. It can be expensive to install these units but in the long run, it is a very cheap alternative.

Timer Showers

There are showers which come with timers so that the person having a bath does not spend access time in the shower and waste time. In these showers, the water supply stops after a particular time. This is a great way to avoid people wasting water during having a bath.


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