Accessories To Spruce Up Your Walls

Walls don’t have to be decorated by just pictures.

Sure they will add some style and interest to the room, but there are a variety of other accessories to put up on your walls to make the room look more lived in and elegant.

Pictures for wall decorations

Pictures are the most common way people decorate their walls. They can add a splash of color to an otherwise drab room.

You can find pictures in a variety of themes and sizes and decorate accordingly.

Another option is to use photographs. Many people use a wall in their home to showcase their children and other members of the family. Often it is a pleasant visual trip down memory lane.

Why not using shelving to spruce up a room

Shelves are not just for books [Modern Book Shelves] anymore. They can be used to display your collectibles, an assortment of framed pictures or any of your favorite knickknacks. Shelves are not only decorative they are useful too.

Of course you can always put your favorite books, an assortment of glassware and other decorative accessories that you have in your home. Shelves can hold valuable items and keep them out of the way of wagging tails and curious little fingers as well.

What Time is It?

Wall clocks can add sophistication and style to any wall in your home. Wall clocks come in a variety of styles and features to match any room in the house.

You might think of using a cuckoo clock, a navigator’s clock or any number of themed timepieces. You can find clocks that will match colonial, contemporary or cottage décor. You can never have too many clocks to put on the walls.

I See You

Mirrors are another way to decorate a plain and boring wall. Some mirrors come with sconces and can make a very attractive display.

Mirrors come in a wide range of decorative frames and can match any décor you have in your home. You can group them together, hang them alone or along with candlesticks that mount on the wall.

Track lighting or other illuminating options can also brighten up the walls. You can use them to highlight certain items or lighten up dark corners. Decorating your walls really brings a room together and with so many options, you should have no problem bringing some light and color to your boring, drab walls.


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