The Variations In Garage Door Openers

garage door openerGone are the days of having to open your garage door by hand, and getting wet and cold when having to get out of your car in the rain to open the door.

All types of garage doors, no matter the size, style or weight, can now be fitted with an electronic garage door opener.

These types of openers provide safety and security to the garage, the home or the commercial building where the door is installed.

Electronic garage door openers now come in many different styles and designs. They are quick and easy to install and can be fitted by a professional within an hour, or you could even do it yourself.

There are four types of commercial garage door openers, Trolley – used for sectional doors,  Jackshift – used for grills, rolling doors and shutters, Hoist – similar to jack shift, but used for  more industrial doors, and Slide door openers for single and bi-part doors and fire doors.

When purchasing a garage door opener, you need to decide on what type of drive system you require, belt, chain or direct driven.

What size motor requirement, horsepower and the speed at which the door opens, 7 inches lift/drop per second is the average speed, and wire exposure is at a minimum for an extended period of times.

You need to compare the safety rating of the garage door openers and the warranties available. Safety is the major decision that you need to make.

All electronic garage door openers are equipped with and invisible beam system that can sense when a person approaches the door and the door is to reverse back to open.

Other features that are mandatory on garage doors are automatic lights, emergency release cord, force adjustment and a timed reverse feature. Garage doors need to be safe, and resistant to the weather.

New models of garage doors are being designed as current doors can be noisy. Regular maintenance and lubrication of the doors can reduce the noise.

Electronic garage door openers come with a remote control device to operate the door. It is suggested that when installing a garage door opener, you install a rolling radio signal code for the control so that thieves cannot access the remote.

Electronic garage door openers may also come with an electronic light and a wall operator. Multiple remotes are also available for those homes that have multiple doors or cars accessing the garage.


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