5 Ways to Ensure your Rugs Look as Good as New

Cleaning rugs is a tedious task. You want them to look as good as they looked when they were brought home from the market, but with time, rugs start losing their charm. But, with the help of right cleaning techniques, you can prevent a reduction in the aesthetic as well as the practical value of the rugs.

In this article, we have jotted down five ways that will be of great help to you in cleaning rugs and making them look as good as new. If you follow the steps mentioned below carefully, you will have no problem in handling your rugs.

5 ways to ensure your rugs look as good as new

So, let us take a look into 5 such ways that will certainly make your life easier and better:

1. Keep those shoes off the rug

You should totally keep those shoes off the rugs. All the dirt you are carrying on your shoes sticks onto the rugs and remains there even after mild shaking of the rug. The dirt will make your rug look older and overused, and thus, affecting its overall value.

Enforce a strict no-shoe rule in your house, especially on the rugs. Keep in place plenty of shoe racks for the convenience of household members but do not let them step on those rugs of yours. This tip will help you in reducing the amount of energy and resources you would ordinarily have invested in cleaning up the rugs.

2. A sound beating

Become ruthless with your rugs while giving them a beating. You must take care of your rug and neglect it for a great period of time will be no good. Take time out every year and pick up that rug of yours and beat it hard.

In order to yield better results, we recommend you to purchase a special rug beating instrument or simply get a broom. After having the done the beating, you will have to vacuum the rug to make it cleaner. When you beat the rug, the dirt stuck to the fibres loosens up which can then be easily removed with a vacuum cleaner.

In case the rug is too big to be moved around, we suggest you hire a professional to do the work for you. It may cost you a bit, but, hey, your delicate rug needs extreme care and professionals are super good when it comes to that.

3. Once a year, turn around the rug

We usually forget about the rug until the day when we find it in an egregiously dirty state. Well, do not be too callous with your rug. One of the many ways to avoid a dirty rug is by turning the rug once a year.

Fading is among the greatest foes of a rug—it is occasioned by spending much time under the sun that causes the dyes in the fibres to bleach, giving the rug a faded and washed out look. Generally, it is very difficult for rug owners to avoid the fading phase; after all, you cannot totally prevent sunlight unless you keep close the curtains throughout the day.

The most viable thing is to ensure that the rug undergoes the fading phase gradually and evenly. If you ensure that, the colours will fade away consistently and there would not be apparent fading spots. In order to effectively achieve this, you must turn around your rug once every year to allow it to fade gradually and naturally under the sun.

4. Baking soda sprinkles

Baking Soda is a saviour when it comes to doing the rug cleaning task. If you wish to maintain that just-washed smell in the rug, you should sprinkle a bit of baking soda before you vacuum it. The baking soda helps in soaking up odours; after having sprinkled, you can very conveniently vacuum it.

To get an even better scent, you do a little bit of experiment with herbs. Mix baking soda with herbs such as lavender, lemongrass, sage, or any other scent-filed herbs and sprinkle the combination upon the rug. Let the sprinkles settle down on the rug for at least an hour and let them blend. Afterwards, vacuum it.

With the help of this tip, all the bad smell will be gone and you will beleft with the soothing smell of herbs.

5. Get a rug protector

We all know that science has answers to nearly all of our problems; so it is expected that we have some great invention to guard our rugs and protect them from harmful elements. There are many rug protectors available in the market. These protectors form an invisible covering around the rug and prevent stains and spills from settling down on it.

These protectors greatly extend the life of the rugs. So, without any second thoughts, you should hit the market or online store and get one.


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