The Basics Of Mood Lighting

mood lightingA popular trend in current home interior design is mood lighting.

The lighting in your home affects not only the look and feel but the mood it puts your family or your guests in.

Artists such as painters, filmmakers and photographers understand the concept of mood lighting and now you can too.

Different Types of Lighting

Fluorescent lighting is bright and bold and brings every flaw into view. Fluorescent lighting should be used in storage spaces, kitchens and a room that is used for a hobby such as sewing or needlepoint.

You may even want fluorescent lighting in the bathroom for the purpose of putting on your makeup.

Dim lights encourage romance and should be used in cozy spaces of your home and your bedroom. You can get wall controls that will dim and brighten at your whim. [Bedroom lighting]

The living room can have a variety of lighting options depending upon what activity in which you are engaged.

You may want bright lights when you have a party or are playing a board game with the family and you may want a softer light when you are curled up in your favorite easy chair reading a book or watching the television.

Lighting Options

There are a variety of lighting and lamp options. You can utilize table lamps, recessed lighting, track lighting, canister lamps and floor lamps.

One of the best mood lighting you can use is the natural sunlight. You can also utilize mirrors in order to reflect the light to where you want it to go.

There are also many different types of light bulbs other than fluorescent that you can use as well. Some bulbs will give off a warm yellow light while others will emit blue or red hues.

Not only are the colors different, but they can also emit several amounts of light. When you mix bulb wattages in a room, depending upon which lights you turn on can make the room seem entirely different.

Going to the lighting store for you can be like a child going into the toy store. You should bring along pictures of the rooms in which you want to buy mood lighting so that you can see if it will match the décor already in place.

From hanging chandeliers to lamps that twist and turn every way, choosing from all the different types and styles can be a tough decision.


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