Make Your Living Room More Stylish With These Lighting Ideas

Lighting plays a very important role as far as decorating any space is concerned. Be it an office space, a living room, a kitchen or a bathroom, without proper lighting, all these spaces can become dull and uninteresting.  Especially when it comes to a living room, taking care of lighting is very essential.

living room lighting ideas


A living room is a space where one relaxes, spends time with family, reads or has the most important conversations; therefore the lighting must be done accordingly. The following are some of the lighting ideas to make your living room look stylish:

  • Create Layers of Light

The first step to make your living room stylish through lighting is to create layers of light. The lighting must reduce the shadows from the corners and create illumination effect.  You can add a metal chandelier in the middle of the room’s ceiling and add install soft lighting on the corners of the room.

  • Select a Suitable Chandelier

Another way to ensure that your living room stands apart when it comes to lighting is to choose a chandelier carefully. Place it in the center of the ceiling and try choosing one which goes according to the theme of your house or living room.  Your chandelier must work like a piece of art and not only a source of lighting.

  • Sconces

Another lighting idea for your living room is sconces. Sconces are those lights which can be attached directly to the wall and not the ceiling. Then are added with glass or some other material to soften the light’s impact and must be installed near eye level.  You can add sconces on both sides of the fireplace or on both side of a large sized painting.

  • FireLight

If you live in a cold city or country, then you can also consider fire lighting.  Fire lighting not only brings a certain cozyness to the room but also romance and nostalgia.  The furniture of your living room can look wonderful in the beam of the fire light.

  • Floor Lamps

Another lighting option for your living room is a floor lamp. These re portable, come in many designs and sizes and add to the lighting sources.  Infact, their direction can be changed as per your liking.

  • Fan Lights

Fan lights are another type of lighting which can be used in a living room. These work as central lighting systems and serve two purposes at the same time.

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