Spruce Up Your Garage with These Awesome Flooring Ideas

Often times, a garage tends to become a part of the house which doesn’t get any of your attention and goes unnoticed when tending to the needs of the house. It becomes a part which is left in ruins and given no importance at all. But well, let’s face it, your garage is as important as other areas of the house are and need your attention just as much.

Spruce Up Your Garage With These Awesome Flooring Ideas

So why not add a little bit of color to it and make it exciting and stylish? Flooring is definitely the number 1 step to revamp your garage. Given below are some interesting flooring ideas for your garage:

Garage Covering: Mats or Tiles

Your garage can be covered/ floored in two ways-either by using mats or by using tiles.  Both of the products are easy to install and have their own certain advantages and disadvantages. Lets get into this in detail:

1. Tiles

You can do your garage in three types of tiles-flexible rubber and plastic tiles, rigid plastic tiles and wood composite tiles. Each of these tiles work wonderfully for garage spaces but your personal choice and specifications will help you select one of the three.

Advantages of Tiles:

  • With tiles, you have an option to create interesting patterns and experiment. You can create a checkboard or any other design which you like by using tiles on your garage floor.
  • Another advantage of using tiles as garage flooring is that they can easily be installed even on stained floors made of concrete or on cracked floors.
  • Tiles easily snap together and are also easy to remove.

Disadvantages of Tiles:

  • Tiles can be a little expensive to purchase and this is one disadvantage of using them for your garage flooring.

2. Mats

Apart from tiles, the other option to cover the garage floor is to use mats on it.  Just throw in a large sized carpet on the floor and you are done. You can choose from a wide variety of mats with difference in colors, designs, patterns and materials.

Advantages of Mats:

  • The biggest advantage of using mats as floor coverings for the garage is that they hardly take any time to be installed.
  • You have a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to mats.

Disadvantages of Mats:

  • Mats may not be the perfect permanent solution for flooring up your garage in comparison to tiles.

Garage Coatings: Paint and Epoxy

The other way to do up your garage is by coating it. Coating can be done in two ways-using paint and using epoxy. Both of these products are applied by using brushes and rollers and it is easy to get confused between them.

1. Paint

If you wish to give a new life to a stained and oiled garage floor, then you can opt for garage floor paint.

2. Epoxy

If you are someone who is looking to get a tough and nice looking surface, then it is better to opt for garage floor epoxy.

Thus depending upon the type of look you wish to have for your garage you can opt for any one of the above flooring ideas.


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