Convert Your Teenager’s Game Room Into A Magical Space!

Every person’s bedroom is his/her escape into a space of personal and private time and moments.  Every bedroom must reflect the personality of the person who lives in it and the same is true for the bedroom of your teenager as well.  The colors in a room, the kind of lighting as well as the decoration can all greatly affect and impact the mood of the teen and also make him active/inactive accordingly. Hence it is important for you to design a teen’s game room as carefully as you design your living area and your own bedroom. The following are some very useful decoration and designing tips for your teen’s game room:

Maintain the feel

Since it is a game room that we are talking about, it is important for it to be in character or have a personality which tells the onlookers that it is a space meant to have fun in and is not for serious conversations. Your teen’s game or gaming room must be therefore decorated in accordance with its purpose. The following tips will help:

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  • The lighting of the room should be such that your kid can play in it at any time of the day and not strain his/her eyes. Make sure you use ample natural light and add enough artificial light as well.
  • The background or wall colors of the teen’s game room too should be such that he/she likes spending time in it and feels lively and energized. You can use bright shades like yellow, light red, light blue and tones of green etc. Colors like orange and pink can too be used if you teen is a girl and likes these colors.

Add necessary equipment

Without proper equipment and furniture, the gaming room can be a dull and boring space. So add in it all that it needs but make sure you do not make it a congested room. You can try the following decoration tips and suggestions:


  • Try to have cupboards or almirahs where your teen can stack his/her board games and other games up in a well-organized way. Make it a point to teach him/her to always put back the games and avoid leaving them here and there.
  • Get in proper furniture like tables, chairs, sofas and rugs in the room so that you teen can find comfort in the space.
  • For those whose teenagers are into video games, it is important to bring in a large screen TV so that the teen doesn’t tend to stain his/her eyesight.
  • Hang curtains in the room so as to give it a certain warmth and personality.

Include more than just games

It is true that a teen’s game room is meant to play games in, but since he/she will be spending the maximum of his/her time there, you can add other stuff like storybooks, syllabus books, charts too in the room. This might encourage the teen to study after a good session of playing in his/her favorite space itself.

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