DIY Furniture Makeovers for a Fabulous Result

There are times when the pieces of furniture you want can’t be found in stores, or they are simply too expensive. However, with a little time and inspiration you may create something trendy and unique.

DIY Furniture Makeovers for a Fabulous Result

Gold Leafed Furniture

If you have a piece of furniture that needs a makeover, it’s really simple to give it a touch of originality. Apply the gold leaf in the right place and you may emphasize the part that you want to be seen.

Take for instance the base of a chair. Make sure to clean it before applying the painting. For something more, make your furniture stand out by applying a wax metallic finish along the edges.

Restore From Old to New

Everybody has inside the household something old that can’t be used anymore. Usually the old furniture is more resistant and with just a little time you may transform it to something worth keeping. Take for instance an old brown shelf that became a modern bathroom shelf. If you want to create a bathroom shelf, remember to choose something with brackets, mainly because you will be able to add a wooden dowel. Before installing it under the mirror, paint it in an interesting color.

Be Original

You may find on the market many nightstands, but you may obtain something really special with a couple of matching suitcases. They should have different sizes, coming one on the top of the other. For more stability, you may store old books and magazines into them. In this way they will have a 2 in 1 function.

Add Some Color to Your Room

You may take any piece of furniture from your house and give it a full makeover. Take for instance a dull cabinet that seems uninteresting and ordinary. Be inventive and create something amazing by hand painting it with different colors. Go for a contrast and use some complementary colors, while the frame and a few drawers are left white.

Learn a Little Design

No matter if you paint or drill something, it is essential to create something unique and out of ordinary. If you buy a stencil kit you may transform anything in just one day. You may paint complex models on a table, or an elegant pattern on a chair. Use contrast, and remember that black and white represent the ultimate elegance. If you want something more than just painting, use the drill and create some interesting models on the back of the chair. You may create the design template on your computer and then juxtapose it to the back rest. From there on,you may start drilling the holes. The result will be amazing.

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