Decorating A House Takes Attitude And Adventure

house decoratingWhen I told my girlfriends I am determined to think and design the interior of country house on my own, they all told me I was crazy.

Considering the prices the decorators have nowadays, the economical crisis and my spirit of adventure, I told myself I will show them …and started to work.

The fist smart move was that I made my contractors raise the level of the foundation because the house was in a swamp area and the risk of flooding was very high during abrupt summer and autumn rains.

After that, I decided all of a sudden that the space I had was insufficient and I made them turn one of the two garages into a kitchen.

The living was rather small so since I love to accommodate guests and see all my family gathering in large number every Sunday, I decided to unite the living with the ex-kitchen and get a large and comfortable place to gather friends and family.

Since I am conservationist by nature I thought of decorating it classically so I raved inside many antique shops and I bought Altdeutsch chairs and living room sofa. I also found a Biedermeier bedroom which I had to hunt in two different antique houses.

I went for burgundy and cream for my walls and carpets, with a drop of chocolate and hot pepper now and then, to spice the tones a bit.

I have always dreamed to have an oriental coffee corner with pillows and pipes and a small coffee table.

I had made my dream come true using the large living window and I have created an “Arabian Nights” corner with large velvet cushions, Turkish shawls and a Hubble bubble.

I was looking for a Turkish carpet for a while and as I have found it in a vintage market where I bought it for almost nothing. I thought that the best position for it was in front of the fireplace and I was right because it created a perfect symmetry.

This drop of oriental spirit had turned what could have been a dull living room into an original place to entertain friends.

I was thinking to keep the note in decorating the bedroom but I decided to go for a rustic province style and to mix the chestnut of the armchairs with the smooth red of the carpet and curtains.

I was looking for embroidered pillows with beautiful details and they turned out to be the best decorations for my bed.

I let myself be convinced by one of my contractors and opened the colors of the kitchen to soft peach and white leaving the red marble floor to connect it with the other rooms. I have ordered furniture in the same province style to complete the effect.

When my friends came to visit they were pretty shocked. I guess they were expecting a complicated mixture of items, all in one place randomly set and the vision of a stylish decoration silenced them. But apart from this, they were very happy for me.

I guess that taking on such a task it’s pretty much a wonderful adventure for anyone.

The best way to go is to follow your own wishes and common sense because a house enjoys to be loved, taken care of and decorated and sends love back by making you proud to show it to the world.

The best way to decorate a house is to consider it part of you and dress it up as you would dress up yourself.


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