Decorating Panels Are Very Much In

For those on the look out for new and different wall treatments the iconic panels from B&N industries could be just the thing they are looking for. These decorative panels with textured surfaces provide a unique look to the wall surfaces.

These panels are basically formed laminates over a carved wood core. The panels are durable and can be easily sawn, screwed, nailed or glued the way you want them. But if you like their pristine beauty you can just as easily mount them. The suggested mounting accessories are the special panel cleats.

You may even get one specifically designed for a particular wall in your home or office. These can also be painted to suit your décor. The iconic panels can be easily out fitted with shelves and other hardware accessories from B&N. The panels are also available with water resistant, fire rated or LEED qualified cores.

Some of these elegant wood panels are available as Barcelona, Helsinki, Palm Springs, Chinoiserie, Versailles, Seapod, Wright, Broadcast, Carnaby, Albert, LineCountry, FleurLineCity, Louse Helvetica and others.

You can also buy these iconic panels in veneer finishes under the reclaimed wood iconic range. The patterns available are – Carnaby in Douglas Fir, Hitchcock in Redwood and Albert in Teak.

Source: homedit


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