Applying Principles Of Matroshka To Your Home

We have all probably seen the Russian Matroshka doll or a Babushka doll that follows the principle of nesting one within another.

Typically they are identical dolls in graded sizes from the large to the small, and each doll fits snugly within the shape of the doll of the next size. So when the dolls are to be displayed or played with, all seven will be seen, and when it is to be transported or put away, each will nest within the other so that you will have only one doll.

The principle of Matroshka or Matryoshka as it is also known (and which means grandmother in Russian just by the way), when applied to design, makes for unique space saving solutions for a small area.

Following the principle of “similar object within similar object” a number of unique designs can be created from this nesting principle. This is also sometimes known as the onion effect; when you peel back one layer, you see a similar, smaller onion below; similarly you can have nesting tables; nested seating, or seating that fits into the table area or disappears out of sight into another item of furniture.

This Matryoshka chair and ottoman set for instance features hand-woven resin wicker set of 2 chairs and 2 stools with aluminum frame. The smaller chair and stools can be stacked inside the bigger chair for easy portability as well as storage for when not in use.

This one is known as the Magic Chair, that is designed to be functional and stylish all at once and the design is said to have evolved for the purpose of saving space.

At this Matryoshka site, you can see a design marvel that encompasses a remarkable number of diverse elements. This setting features a basic office and living room area. The living room area quickly transforms into a dining area, storage boxes emerge from below to form stools for sitting on. That same space then transforms into a sleeping area, which is swiftly reassembled from the same elements, only this time the parts making a different sum!

In this small area there is a bookshelf, a working space, a double bed, a wardrobe, a corner sofa, dinner table or center table, drawers for storage, cleaning products box, and as many as 12 seats!


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