Wood vs. Laminate – How to Clean High Quality Flooring?

The flooring is an important part of our homes, and this is why it is important for the homeowners to clean their flooring properly. The flooring could be wood or laminate and you have to clean the flooring according to its characteristics.

Laminate flooring

The biggest enemy of this kind of flooring is dirt because it can scratch it and it will end up looking used and dull. You need to use water and ammonia,vinegar or window cleaning products to clean the floor. The first thing you have to do is to clean the floor from loose dirt by sweeping or vacuuming.

Then use a cloth towel to clean it. If you don’t want to use cleaning fluids you could also opt for micro-fiber pads. Before cleaning you should check the suggestions of the manufacturer. In some cases the manufacturers have their own cleaning products.

Useful tips

When using the vacuum you should also use a soft flooring attachment. Instead of the vacuum cleaner you could use a mop, damp cloth or broom as well. For a better evaporation rate you should damp the mop with warm water. In order to avoid scratching you should add cushion protectors or glides to the legs of the table and of the chairs.

Wood flooring

Just as in the previous case, you have to remove dirt from the floor frequently because the tiny particles could scratch the surface of the wood. This is why the first step is to get a high quality broom and sweep the floor frequently. The next step is to use the vacuum cleaner that can get in the places that are difficult to reach.

Useful tips

If you are looking for deep cleaning techniques you should know that these depend on the kind of floor that you have. For instance if you have ‘Finish in Place’ floors you can use a terrycloth mop that makes it possible to clean the corners, along the base boards and under the cabinets.

If there happen to be spills or stains you may want to use the professional cleaning products recommended by the manufacturer. In case the floor has a urethane finish, there is no need to wax the floor. In the same time, try to opt for the cleaning products that don’t leave behind a filmy residue.

Cleaning wood laminate flooring isn’t as difficult as it may seem at first. However, you should keep in mind that the quality of the flooring has a lot to do with how much care it needs. This is why, investing in top wood or laminate flooring is always a good idea.


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