Advantages and Disadvantages of Getting Hardwood Flooring Installed

Hardwood flooring has gained immense popularity in designing the home interiors; not only because it is durable and comes in varied colours and styles but also because cleaning and maintaining it is very easy. In fact, hardwood has become a common choice also because it’s environmental friendly, restorable and gives a visual appeal to the house. There are specific set of benefits and disadvantages of hard wood flooring and below given are some of them:

advantages and disadvantages of getting hardwood flooring installedBenefits of Hardwood Flooring

Durable for Decades

If you have placed carpet rugs as your flooring; you will have to replace it every 5 years due to various flaws like holes, stains and shabby look; whereas hardwood flooring remains intact and as bright as the first day till generations. With minimal maintenance program, you will be surprised to see how these floors actually start looking even better with passing years.

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Hardwood flooring needs just minimal care and maintenance. A simple brushing or vacuum cleaning is enough for these floors. Even if the dogs or children drag mud or stains into your home, the stains can be easily removed by a damp mop.


There are no chances of parasites and insects dwelling in hardwood flooring. Once you clean it with vacuum or a damp cloth dipped in some antiseptic liquid; the floor gets furthermore clean and safe. With hardwood flooring there are no possibilities of dust mites, allergens, fleas etc; thereby saving you from additional money for cleaning and also physical discomfort. Hardwood flooring is particularly helpful for dog and cat owners.

You can Avoid Pungent Owners

The wood will never trap in any unpleasant odour that occurs with many other flooring types. In fact, the aroma of hardwood flooring is very welcoming and warm that gives the home an inviting touch.

You can Install Under Floor Heating System

By installing hardwood flooring, you get the provision of fixing the under floor heating, which is an essential need in most of the homes of cold countries. With hardwood flooring you can get both the facilities of effective home heating system and quality flooring.

Easy to Repair

After around 7-8 years of smooth usage, even if your hardwood flooring gets any scratch, wear or tear due to rain or excessive usage, a simple sanding and sealing will make it just like a new one. This is one of the major benefits of using hardwood floor since repair costing is minimal.

Timeless Appeal

Today, many options are available to make your flooring vibrant, colourful and attractive like tile patterns, linoleum and carpet; but hardwood has a time immemorial elegance that never goes out of fashion. In fact, wood flooring has gained much more popularity today than before.

Affordable to all

Once upon a time hardwood flooring in homes would actually give you a tag of being wealthy. But today the advanced production methods have discovered different kinds of hardwood flooring that are cheap and affordable to all budgets.

Increases the Value of your Home

Hard wood flooring homes are sold at twice the price of homes with other kinds of flooring. Thus, if you get hardwood flooring installed your estate agents will quote double for your home.

Disadvantages of Hardwood Flooring

Regular Polishing Needed

Hardwood flooring needs regular polishing; at least in an interval of 3-4 years in order to maintain the lustre and finish. To give a Polyurethane coating you will need to pay approximately INR 50 for 140 per sq/ft.

Anti Termite Care

If your house is located in any termite prone area, you will need to maintain regularly and practice measures to prevent termite attack.

Water Seepage Problem Needs to be Considered

Hardwood flooring can be damaged if water seepage possibilities are there. The stagnant pools of water should in no way come in contact with the hardwood flooring. Wet cloth mopping is fine but be sure that the mop is not dripping.


Hardwood floors finish is prone to scratches and marks if it gets high heeled foot wears, heavy traffic, or pet nails.


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