Flooring Tips for Your Home

There are many options when it comes to installing floors within a home. From bamboo floors to tile floors, each has its own benefits, along with its own cost factors. Continue reading below to discover some valuable flooring tips about five different types of flooring:

Hardwood Flooring Costs: $3 to $10 per square foot

Hardwood floors are a classic type of flooring that fit well with many types of home styles, especially homes with open-floor plans. This type of flooring is not ideal in rooms that have high levels of moisture. For kitchens, many professionals believe it is only best to put hardwood floors in them if they have been pretreated with polyurethane sealing. After pretreatment, it is still wise to retreat the floors every five years.

Bamboo and Cork Flooring Costs: $3 to $12 per square foot

Bamboo and cork flooring are very advantageous due to their durability. Both of them are also eco-friendly because bamboo trees grow fast and cork can be obtained without ever having to kill the trees. In addition, both types of flooring are extremely resistant and both can withstand moisture if properly treated. For homeowners that are looking to install a floor that muffles sound, cork flooring is an excellent choice.

Laminate Flooring Costs: $1 to $7 per square foot

Laminate flooring is a very cost-efficient type of floor to install within a home. With a number of different styles and designs available, laminate flooring can easily be matched to any home’s interior and decor. Many companies that sell laminate flooring do so with a 30 year warranty. If laminate flooring is purchased in panels, it can be easy to install oneself.

Carpet Flooring Costs: $1 to ?? per square foot

There are endless types of carpet flooring available for homeowners to purchase. From synthetic to one-hundred percent wool types, there are styles to fit any type of home interior. It is important for a person purchase carpet based on how much foot traffic the area of installation will be receiving. Of course, higher traffic areas will need more durable types of carpet laid in it.

Tile Flooring Costs: $4 to $10 per square foot

Tile flooring is a very preferred choice of flooring for kitchen and bathroom areas due to its ability to resist water and stains. This type of flooring is available in marble, ceramic, and other types of materials.

Choose Flooring that Fits Your Needs

If you are looking to install flooring within your home, choose a type that will best fit your needs. If you need help deciding, contact a professional floor installer today.


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