Better Homes and Gardens Flooring Ideas

The flooring of a room or of an outside space can make all the difference. This is why there are a lot of homeowners looking for better homes and gardens flooring ideas. Naturally it’s not only about the looks of the flooring; it also needs to be functional.

Better Homes and Gardens Flooring Ideas

Wooden Tiles

If you have only a small space to work with consider using wooden tiles. These will add texture and interest to the space. All you have to do is to place the tiles over the concrete so if you wish to renovate or remove it later, it will be an easy job.

Wooden Planks

As you may have guessed, wood is a popular material because it has a natural look and it is pleasing to the eyes. If you choose darker colors you will achieve a rustic feel and this could help you get a greenhouse look.

Mix it Up

If you would like to have something more interesting, think about mixing colored tile, pea gravels, flagstone and concrete blue geckos. You will get a stimulating result that is pleasing for the eyes and that is relatively easy to maintain.

Concrete Pavers

In case you don’t want something too elaborate, consider using concrete pavers with a herringbone pattern. To make the space look larger opt for bright colored pavers.


The people who wish to have a natural setting should consider use stone. If you have different colored stones you will manage to get a natural look but it will still be interesting enough to catch the eyes.

Ipe Decking

Being low maintenance is one of the most important characteristics that you have to consider. Ipe decking can be easily maintained and it offers a nice effect to your outdoor retreat. Usually this kind of decking comes in darker color so make sure that you will have some bright colored furniture for contrast.

The better homes and gardens flooring ideas that you should be looking for are influenced by the kind of setting you wish to create and whether you would like to achieve a natural look.


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