Choosing a Carpet Runner for a New Home

In case you have wooden stairs in your home sooner or later you might be thinking about having runners. The truth is that runners represent a stylish addition to any entryway, but you have to make sure that you get it right because it might represent a relatively large investment.

carpet runner for a new home

Other Carpets

The first thing that you should do is to think about the other carpets in your home. Regardless whether they are area or broadloom rugs, if they are in the view, the runner needs to coordinate with them. Nonetheless, it’s not a must for the runner to be just like the other carpets.

The Width

As a guideline, you should remember to make sure that the runner is wide enough to cover the main part of the stairs. In fact, the runner should reveal only about three inches on each side. This way you can be sure that nobody will slip and the runner will also look elegant.

Flat-Weave Carpet

It is not a good idea to choose cut-pile carpet or plush carpet for the runner. This is because they don’t look too good at the curves, not to mention that they are puffy around the edges and they may represent a tripping hazard. Stick to the good old flat-weave carpets.

Dark Patterned Runners

If the stairs are in a high traffic area of your home, you should know that the dark patterned runners are the most forgiving. However, if you are hoping for a classic look, you should go for the bright or medium dark runners.

The striped runners are a fun option that you could coordinate with your home. No matter what design you choose, you can be sure that the specialty shops like Carpet Runners UK will have everything you need.

Dressing up

In case you would like to dress up the end result, it may be a good idea to add metal or wooden stair rods to the place where the riser meets the tread. You may consider this a safety measure as well because the stairs will become more visible even in poor light conditions and people will be less likely to trip.

Although you could know about all the existing guidelines, the most important thing about the runner is for you and your family to be happy with it because you can follow all the rules and still not be satisfied by the end result.

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