Don’t Let Colors Rule Your Life

dining roomThey say home is where the heart is, so very often, without knowing, we change our home accordingly with the changes that happen in our lives.

What we change is the color of the walls[wall painting] and furniture. Sometimes it is conscious, sometimes it is not, but it happens without a doubt.

And when it does we usually chose the colors by the way we feel.

There are a lot of theories about color and mood. Some are similar some completely different.

But what they all have in common is the general fact that we prefer certain colors at a certain time just because of our emotions. On the other hand, colors have an impact on our mood, some positive, some negative. Do we really want our feelings to be influenced by the colors in our home?

The way we act about it, is often regarded as a mistake. We often let colors rule our lives.

I think that the most common mistake that you can do is choosing furniture in a specific color and then paint the walls with the same one to match it. You probably wonder what is wrong with that.

dining room1Well, let’s say you have chosen the color that you like, the one you think will look well in your home. But when you put furniture near the wall painted in the same color as result you get a space where nothing steps out.

Nothing wears accent and the result is plain and dull. So in a very short while it will become annoying. I did that and saw the disaster with my own eyes.

This happens because visually, your eyes cannot catch something to be focused on. This will turn into boredom and soon you will have to change something again no matter what color you have chosen the first time.

There is a risk that you will make the same mistake again if you think that you have made a wrong decision when you were choosing the color for the whole ensemble. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Another way to do it wrong is to paint the whole room in a certain color. I guess that is because of the influence of the colors on our mood. Visually, you will only notice that color and if, for example, that color happens to be red you will feel tired when you should be relaxed.

If that color you choose happens to be blue, then you will probably feel depressed. I would do everything possible to avoid this.

So, in general it is unwise to change everything at once. It costs a lot and it is very time consuming. I suggest doing it partially and spontaneously.

Make sure that it is not monotonous and make sure that you don’t have the whole rainbow inside your home. If you avoid these extremes you will do just fine.

I have a few rules that I follow. These rules have proven to always lead to a beautifully decorated home where everyone can find warmth and calm.

The fist one is very simple. Everything I have, I use it before I throw it away. No matter if that is wall paint or a piece of furniture.

The second one is using few different colors that go accordingly to my taste and style. But you have to be careful and smart not to make some of the mistakes that I’ve mentioned.

The last one I have gives me the opportunity to decorate the rest of my home according to the previously chosen style. Adding some accents on some places and making some contrasts will do the trick.

In the end you will get a place where you feel warm and loved, a place that restores your energy every day when you return from work. You will get a place where you belong, your very own amazingly colored home.


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