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unusual tiling

Unusual Tiling

In many homes tiling is simply seen as essential feature of the wet rooms (bathroom, kitchen and utility rooms), a practicality rather than a design detail. However, the range of tiles and tiling arrangements that are available now is mind boggling, there is certainly more to it than the standard square, white bathroom tiles. So […]

redecorating home

The Devil is in the Detail

When you are redecorating your home it is easy to get swept up with the grand scheme of things, consulting multiple paint charts and checking out reams of sample papers. However, quite often the devil is in the detail and it is the small and seemingly insignificant parts of the room that can make or […]

cheap home remodel and redesign tips

6 Cheap Home Remodel and Redesign Tips

After you’ve been in your home for a few years, it’s natural to want some new décor, something to make your home feel new again. Moving house every few years is probably out of the question, and full upgrades might be out of budget, but if you want the feel of a new home again, […]

upcycle an old pair of ladders

3 Ways to Upcycle an Old Pair of Ladders

Nobody likes throwing away their old things. So, interior designers have made it their mission to discover innovative ways to recycle old home goods, turning them from disused and dusty junk into vibrant, bespoke pieces of furniture and home decorations. This trend is called upcycling, and it’s taken the interior design and home décor world […]

avoid injury when working within the home

How to Avoid Injury when Working within the Home

Unfortunately, an estimated 220,000 DIY enthusiasts find themselves making the trip to hospital each year, as they fall foul of a series of misjudgements or plain recklessness. While many of these are fairly trivial or inconsequential, there are a select few that cause long-term injury, disability or in some instances death. Perhaps the most interesting […]

Color Combination Ideas for Home Exterior

Some Terrific Color Combination Ideas for Home Exterior

A lot of people pay much attention to decorating, designing and painting the interior of the house but forget to focus on the exterior. It is important to know that the exterior of your home is as important as the interior, in fact is more important as far as creating an impression on the onlookers […]

Ways to Clean Home Appliances Safely

Top 5 Ways to Clean Your Home Appliances Safely

Most of the home appliances are difficult to clean and tend to gather a lot of dirt and dust. Appliances like toasters, grillers, blenders have spaces where our hand or cloth cannot reach and therefore they go without proper cleaning and are tough to maintain. But at the same time, it is really important to […]

American Apartments

What are the Differences between European Apartments and American Apartments?

Americans and Europeans have always been different. From the signing of the Declaration of Independence to today; it’s easy to identify the many differences you’ll find living in a European country verses the United States. High-tech, luxury apartments like BRE Properties apartments are a far cry from the older, historic living spaces in Europe. From […]


Tips To Make Your Home Pleasant And Inviting

Here are a few tips to make your home inviting and pleasurable: Tips to make your home inviting Clear all clutter such as books, newspapers, magazines, pens, paperwork and boxes. Keep a tray for necessary things like sunglasses, keys, cell phones etc. Clean the carpets and sprinkle carpet powder for an appealing scent. Keep house plants that […]

Terrific Ways To Organize Documents In Your Home Office

Terrific Ways to Organize Documents in Your Home Office

Are you someone who is running an office space from the comfort of your home? Is it turning out to be a daunting task organizing the heaps of documents rather than actually proving easy? Well you are not the only one who is facing this problem as organizing papers, files and documents tends to be […]