Unusual Tiling

In many homes tiling is simply seen as essential feature of the wet rooms (bathroom, kitchen and utility rooms), a practicality rather than a design detail. However, the range of tiles and tiling arrangements that are available now is mind boggling, there is certainly more to it than the standard square, white bathroom tiles. So if you’re looking to make a splash with your tiles you’ve come to the right place as here are listed some of the more interesting ways you can tile around your sinks and worktops.

unusual tiling

In Vogue

A particularly on trend way of tiling is using reclaimed vintage tiles to create retro bathrooms with cracking originality and even unique tiles themselves. However, due t the fragile nature of tiles they are prone to crack and break, particularly when being removed from the wall during redecoration and as such it can be hard to get hold of quality reclaimed tiles at a decent price.

Luckily, tile manufacturers have spotted this trend popping up in the interior design world. Slowly but surely they are starting to cater for it with re-makes of vintage designs now common place amongst most companies regular lines.

Tile Type

When picking your tile, be aware of the range of tiles that are out there. Not all tiles are the same shape and not all tiles are built equal. A particularly popular deviation from the standard square tile is the metro tile, the long, slightly bevelled edged, tiles that were originally used for tiling underground stations. These hard wearing and fashionable tiles add an area of interest and fit equally well in the bathroom as they do forming an oven backdrop in the kitchen.

Another popular tile type is the mini tile, often made from glass or brightly glazed ceramics. These tiles can be used to create mosaics or to add small splashes of colour to larger tiled areas.

Tile Layout

When you’ve picked your tile shape and style then it is a case of the layout that cements its originality. From using rectangular tiles in a brickwork layout to mosaic-ing borders, strips or focus areas such as around inset mirrors there are so many options. 1950’s monochrome checkerboards are making a fierce comeback as is the basket weave a slightly more complex tile layout where you use tiles of different sizes to create a woven look.

And the fun doesn’t have to stop on your walls for more uses for your tiles then click here for exciting DIY ideas.

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