What are the Differences between European Apartments and American Apartments?

Americans and Europeans have always been different. From the signing of the Declaration of Independence to today; it’s easy to identify the many differences you’ll find living in a European country verses the United States. High-tech, luxury apartments like BRE Properties apartments are a far cry from the older, historic living spaces in Europe. From amenities to size, there are quite a few differences.

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One of the biggest, most noticeable differences between European and American apartments is size. As you may guess, American apartments are huge compared to those in Europe. Even the smallest apartments in Los Angeles are spacious in comparison.

Many apartments in Europe have ceilings that are lower, doors that are smaller and bathrooms (or “water closets”) that you can barely turn around in. This is true for many properties in Europe. From small hallways to tiny balconies, there’s just not as much space to stretch out in your European apartment. But of course if you’ve always lived in Europe, you probably don’t mind.

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Another difference is the amount of storage options you can expect. BRE Properties apartments do everything they can to provide large closets and storage areas, but in Europe you probably won’t even find cabinets in the bathroom. Europeans don’t use closets or cabinets very often.

In the bathroom, toiletries areout in the open, and in the bedrooms you’ll find lots of moveable wardrobes. Of course all of the storage options in America may allow tenants to hang onto more junk than they need.

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BRE Properties apartments offer all kinds of amenities that you’ll rarely find in European apartments. Dryers, large eco-friendly refrigerators and laundry facilities are just some of the benefits of apartments at BRE Properties. Tenants also enjoy air conditioning, large windows with screens and garbage disposals in the kitchen.

Those renting apartments will rarely find such amenities in Europe. Instead, the fridges are small as many Europeans do not feel the need to keep as many things cold as Americans do. They also hang their clothes rather than drying them in a dryer.

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Many Europeans are also not used to things like garbage disposals and air conditioning. Composting and turning on a ceiling or floor fan is much more common. As with many differences in American and European apartments, because of the different lifestyles the lack of certain amenities isn’t likely to bother Europeans.


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