The Devil is in the Detail

When you are redecorating your home it is easy to get swept up with the grand scheme of things, consulting multiple paint charts and checking out reams of sample papers. However, quite often the devil is in the detail and it is the small and seemingly insignificant parts of the room that can make or break your scheme and mean the difference between a decorating success or disaster.

So which bits and pieces should you be paying attention then? Read on for a quick guide to ensuring that all of the small things are taken care of.

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Why Are the Details Important?

Quite often, if you change the small details in a room you can change the whole atmosphere and style very quickly and cheaply without having to go through major redecoration.

As such, use your details to take a chance and try something out that perhaps you weren’t sure enough of to commit a whole room to. For example, it is much easier to commit to a nice set of purple cupboard handle doors from somewhere like the Handle Store than it is to commit to a purple room.

Ok What Else?

Handles are a particularly good detail to focus on in rooms like the kitchen or bathroom where they are common and recurring feature. But not all rooms have lots of handles, so what else is there to consider? Altering light fittings is an easy way to change an entire room in a fairly dramatic way with limited disruption and at relatively little cost.

Consider the way the light enters the room, how bright it will be and what kind of style you want your shade to be too. Also consider the light switch fittings themselves; they don’t have to be just plain white plastic squares!

Dressing the Room

Alongside these decorating details, dressing the room is an important part of interior design. Dressing the room includes adding extra features to table tops, walls and sideboards such as blankets, framed pictures or flower vases.

These parts of the room are the most easily altered and can therefore be fairly outlandish whilst also making a decent contribution to the style and feel of the room. Consider colour carefully when purchasing dressing items, do you want it to match, clash or contrast?

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