Some Terrific Color Combination Ideas for Home Exterior

A lot of people pay much attention to decorating, designing and painting the interior of the house but forget to focus on the exterior. It is important to know that the exterior of your home is as important as the interior, in fact is more important as far as creating an impression on the onlookers is concerned.

Color Combination Ideas for Home Exterior

If you have an impressive exterior, chances are that your friends and relatives are half impressed without even stepping in. So why not take out time to do some homework before purchasing paints and other supplies for painting the exterior.

Here are some wonderful color combination ideas for home exterior that you can follow:

  • When it comes to the home exteriors, many people like to go for tried-and-tested ideas such as warm beige with bright white on the windows. This is a very subtle and simple painting idea for the exterior of your abode and gives it a very classic look. So if you are the type who doesn’t want to experiment but wants to go with something that always works, pick this one
  • If you want to go with the colonial style theme for your exterior, then you can choose white as the main color and then mix and match it with any other color of your choice such as brown, purple, blue, yellow or even gray.  Many people add more than one color on the windows and the doors with the base white and pick colors like bright turquoise and lavender etc.  This color idea will give your house a modernized look while maintaining the colonial feel
  • Primary colors are also some of the color tones which are used by several people. This may make for a good color combination but at the same time, it is apt for those who are ready to go a little on the bolder side. Use blue on the exterior walls and roofing and paint your main door yellow for a slightly dramatic effect.  This takes care both of rich depth as well as startling brightness.  Make sure you don’t overdo the brightness and maintain the subtlety.
  • Use wood for giving warmth to the exterior of your house. This will take care of one of the colors and has an advantage that you can add many colors along with it. You can go for deep gray, white, light yellow and even orange for contrast.
  • Another idea for coloring the exterior of your house is to use the variations of the same color for example lemon. Use light lemon on the exterior walls and its brighter shade on the roof for a subtle yet creative impact. To add a touch of fun here, choose a bright color for the door; Hint: maroon or red.
  • Pastel shades too work wonderfully on the exterior of your house. Use colors like sea green with a combination of lush green. These colors look really soft and appealing. Compliment them by using similar shades on the interior.  For example: a sea blue colored bathroom.


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