Top 5 Ways to Clean Your Home Appliances Safely

Most of the home appliances are difficult to clean and tend to gather a lot of dirt and dust. Appliances like toasters, grillers, blenders have spaces where our hand or cloth cannot reach and therefore they go without proper cleaning and are tough to maintain.

Ways to Clean Home Appliances Safely

But at the same time, it is really important to keep all these products and equipment’s clean to the maximum possible extent.  So to clean your home appliances safely, you can follow the top 5 methods or ways.

1. To clean blenders, mixers and food processors, you must pop off the blades and all the other removable parts and soak them in a sink which is filled with warm water with dish washing liquid. You can also use a nylon brush to remove any particles which might get trapped into the blades of the blender. Make sure you dry the blades and other removable parts with a dry and clean towel.

2. If you are interested in cleaning a coffeemaker, then you must remove and wash the filter and the carafe by soaking them in warm soapy water. After doing this, you have to rinse the leftover vinegar by running two cycles of plain water through the coffee machine. At the end, clean the machine with a dry cloth.

3. In order to clean your dishwasher, you first need to pull out the racks, and then wipe the interior with a cloth and by using soapy warm water.  Now scrub the wheels of the racks using an old toothbrush. To dust the fan slots of the dishwasher, you can use a vacuum’s brush attachment. You must also clean the door of the dishwasher with a cloth and an all-purpose cleaner. If the material of the door is stainless steel then you have to use water to dampen a cloth and then clean the door with dishwashing liquid.

4. To clean the microwave, you can use a very creative method. Put a coffee mug containing water and a few thing slices of lemon in the center of the microwave and then run the machine for a period of a couple of minutes. The steam produced will soften the spills of the food and the lemon will expel the odors. To clean the interiors of the microwave, you can wipe the walls and the door with warm and soapy water.

5. Another important home appliance which is difficult to clean is a toaster or a toaster oven. To clean it, empty the crumb tray and then remove the toaster oven racks. Let these racks rest in soapy warm water and scrub off the charred food using a brush or a sponge. In order to clean the interior, you can use a wet cloth and a good quality dishwashing liquid. Use a pastry brush to reach the slots of the toaster. Clean the exterior of the toaster by using a soapy cloth and by scrubbing the door hinges, levers, knobs by making use of a toothbrush.


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