Tuscan Décor Elements And Ideas

The stunningly beautiful landscape of Tuscany has made this area of the world one of the most coveted spots of tourism in the world and Tuscan décor has made as much of a name for itself the world over.

Tuscan Décor Elements And Ideas

Tuscan décor is characterized by a warm naturalness, vibrant colorfulness and unrefined but wholesome comfort – much like the landscape that inspires it. You can try and evoke characteristics of Tuscan décor, using the following ideas –

  • The use of stone is an important part of Tuscan décor – rough hewn surfaces of stone can give character to walls, floors or other surfaces.
  • The furniture is always simple, unadorned and unpainted giving the impression of the classy simplicity of solid wood.
  • Wood is in fact of particular importance when it comes to Tuscan décor and it is used in many different ways – not just furniture but also floors, beams, panels, doors, windows and other areas of the home which use solid, unpainted wood. The natural finish of wood is the most popular in Tuscan décor.
  • Though plain whites and creams abound in Tuscan décor, warm, vibrant earth colors are also used, with the attempt to bring indoor, the magnificent hues of the outdoors. Rich browns, dark reds, deep greens, vibrant ochre, creams and serene whites abound in this kind of décor. These are the colors that are typical of the Tuscan villages as well as the landscape.
  • Flowers are another essential for Tuscan décor – colorful flowers inside the home, in window boxes, in pots and planters, at the door and outside the door step are something else that signify the Tuscan lifestyle and reflect the salubrious climate of the region.
  • The fabrics used in Tuscan décor are usually plain and unadorned as well – though some florals and lace accents are used, the overall impression is of solid and uncluttered design.  Natural and rough textured materials are very often used in this sort of interior design. White cotton with lace trimmings are popular choices for window coverings.
  • Often it is wood blinds or roman shades that are used as window coverings.
  • Wall finishes are also often rough hewn, with stucco often being used as well as other kinds of texturing for the walls.
  • Use of tiles and terracotta is another significant feature of Tuscan décor – the use of tiles not only on the roof but other areas of the home as well – on floors, table tops and more. The red of terracotta imparts an inviting warmth as well.
  • Iron that is used in Tuscan décor is usually solid and unadorned as well – it could be used as the base of furniture, for lighting fixtures, even simple or plain chandeliers.
  • Water is another commonly featured design element in Tuscan décor – a softly playing fountain in the court yard, a pool, or other creative ways can be used to incorporate water into the scheme of décor.
  • Simple porcelain – such as undecorated plates and bowls in the kitchen, simple vases, and so on can also be used when one has a Tuscan décor theme.


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