Country Styled Bedroom – Smooth Finished Delight

In case you are going to decorate your bedroom and you are wondering what style to choose, don’t hesitate to turn your bedroom into a country styled oasis. The so called old school design is one of the most famous styles, for it is interesting and comfortable.

Any bedroom can be transformed and designed in this great style. At first, start with the walls. The country style is all about bright colors, so you should repaint the walls in a color that is suitable for this style.  Many people are afraid to use bright colors for the bedroom, but this isn’t right.

Choose white and pink, for they are sophisticated and add some great style into your bedroom. In case you want darker nuances, go for cobalt blue.

country style bedroom

The blue color isn’t very typical for a bedroom, but it is quite eccentric and looks great, when there is a certain contrast in the room. The very next thing you should do is to create contrast.

The country style is all about a contrast that creates a tender intimacy. For instance, paint the walls into a bright color and add some vintage furniture with darker nuances. The curtains are also important.

Go for long curtains and soft rugs, for this creates an amazing ambient. When it comes to country style, wooden furniture in a light finish is also the recent trend.

country style decoration

Another good thing you can do is layering your bed with cushions and pillows. It adds some feeling of comfort and intimacy; so go for the latest Clarissa collection and choose the right fabrics for your bed.

Wooden floor is recommended, in case you want to create a country style ambient. The look of the bed can really make a difference. It should be a brass bed that is very typical for the traditional country style bedroom.

The bedside tables can be colored differently, in order to pull some contrast with the bed. Don’t hesitate to add antique sofas and chairs. The white colored furniture is also part of this look, so go for them.

Add some retro photos on the wall and place some antique mirror near the bed. The perfect accessories for the country styled bedroom are the table lamps. Place them on the shelving or on the table, for this adds some sophisticated notes to your bedroom.

The fabrics can be bold and bright – deep red, tender green and glossy pink are the right colors for such a bedroom.


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