Convertible Daybeds – Cute, Neat and Comfy

In case you are going to decorate your home, there are many ideas that can help you refresh your interior. Remember that even one accent on the right place can change your décor.

The daybeds are one of that furniture which can help you create a chic atmosphere at home. The daybeds are convertible and very comfortable, so don’t hesitate to add one of these into your home. The cottage daybeds are very modern, for they fill the room with more light and style.

Check out Layla Palmer’s latest collection and choose a great light toned daybed. It can actually be reused as it is made out of twin-size mattresses able to fit 6′ x 6′ rooms.

layla palmer

In case you want something contemporary, get the modern lounger. It is a creation of Rate My Space and it comes in black leather. This daybed is suitable for a modern style living room.

rate my space black leather bed

The daybeds can function both as a bed and a sofa; so they can be extremely useful in your cabinet. A stylish daybed can be a good small space solution for apartment dwellers. Add some decorative pillows and you will see the change in your interior.

The designer Erin Valencich has another point of view, when it comes to daybeds. She creates cozy reading nooks with a white denim slip covered daybed. Her daybeds are created with built-in bookcases, so you can create a perfect spot for reading or resting with a good book.

erin valenrich daybed

In case there is lack of space, a daybed can be the right decision. Check out the trundle-style bed, which is designed especially for areas with limited space. It comes in a very compact design and allows room for two people.

Many designers place the daybed near the window, where you can observe the garden or the street. The sun-filled spot can be just a cozy corner with a daybed. Check out the company of Dream Home that offers great daybeds for corners.

convertible daybed

In case you think a daybed will not suit a lavish home design, you are probably wrong. There are great lavish daybeds, which are cozy and intimate. Rate My Space offers luxury daybeds with satin fabrics.

A cream leather daybed is also a very good idea for the family room, especially if it is placed in front of the mirror. In case you have a stone block wall, add a vintage daybed and retro photos, in order to create a rustic, chic corner.


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