Organizing Tips for Small Closets

One of the most common problems of today’s homeowners is having very little space. In the majority of the cases this isn’t a problem by itself, but there might be some problem areas in your home that you would like to take care of, such as your closet.

Organizing Tips for Small Closets

Have No Empty Space

Having one rod in the closet usually isn’t enough so you have to come up with ingenious ways to increase your space. For instance, you could replace the long rod with one of the width of the closet door and install two rods to the side of the closet in the empty space.

The Shoes

For sure you have some heels that you only wear on special occasions and they need to be kept out of sight for the rest of the year. In order to store them, you could add a crown molding to the back of the closet. If you add only 30cm of molding, you will have enough space for four pairs of shoes.


In case you are using hangers most probably you feel like you could use the same space better. For this, before you recycle a soda can, you should pull off the ring and simply pull it through the hook of the hanger. This way you will create space for an extra hanger, doubling the storage space in the closet.

Shower Curtain Rings

Most probably you have some extra shower curtain rings that you have nothing to do with. In order to make more space in your drawer, you could secure them to an extra hanger and pull scarves through them. This is a smart way to store your scarves in an organized manner.

Filing Options

Did it ever happen to you that you have been looking for a T-shirt for half an hour only to find it in the laundry basket? In order to avoid situations of this kind you should install two metal rods across our drawer and thinner rods perpendicularly. Use these to fold the T-shirts over according a the filing system. This way you will always see your available options.

The Third Rod

If you already have two rods in your closet, you should know that there is still room for one more, under the last one. You can use this to store boots hanging from pants hangers or use it to store flip-flops along with bags and hats.


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