IP Surveillance Cameras – Facts, Uses, Types and Myths

Technology and innovation have had an incredibly fast and constant growth, revolutionizing the way we manage our lives and even our security. The evolution of security systems, play a huge part in the way we monitor our businesses and even our own home security. There are so many areas that require an additional set of eyes, one day the use of surveillance cameras will become indispensable.

There are many aspects you must take into consideration when looking to purchase an IP, analog or wireless camera. Some of these are the resolution of the image, the type of feed, connection and installation requirements, and budget, amongst others. Bellow you will find an interactive way to learn about the differences, the importance of having a trust worthy security camera system, pricing and camera options.

Out of everything described above, there are also many myths surrounding these surveillance systems that need to be cleared out before you make your decision. So by the time you are through with this graphic you can at least set your mind on the type of back up you would like to have for your home, business or any other plans you may have!


Source: A1 Security Cameras


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