Home Window Tinting Designs

Home window tinting is an excellent option to save oneself from the scorching sunrays and also save on utility bills on account of reduced effect of heat inside the home. Besides due the reduction of direct sunlight even the furniture does not fade or get damaged that commonly occurs due to the exposure. Other benefits include privacy and reduction in glare especially in the living room where television is watched. There are different types of home window tinting designs that one can choose from according to individual requirement as given below.

Home Window Tinting Designs

Different Types of Home Window Tinting Designs

There are different kinds of home window tinting designs available which are explained here below :-

  • Dyed Tinting – This type of window tinting is made of polyester and dye. This type of tinting can be used for a home window when there is direct sunlight as it gives maximum protection and glare that emits into the home. Though it does not offer much reduction of heat as there is no usage of metal in the tinted sheet but is an affordable option.
  • Combination Tinting – In this type of tinting there is use of polyester, dye and even metal which makes it a great option for one looking for heat resistance and a finer quality film. The charcoal color of this tinted film makes it appear neat and elegant to look at.
  • Carbon Tinting – this type of tinting is a high end version of the combination tinting and is best in terms of functionality as well. The use of carbon and metal makes it absolutely wonderful for infrared heat up to 40% more than other tinted films.
  • Ceramic Tinting – This type of tinting is done through a special nano technology that makes use of ceramic and 2 ply. On account of the ceramic material used in this type of tinting it is thicker and provided two times more reduction in heat than any other form of tinting apart from providing least reflection.  Also one can be assured of the durability of this type of tinting besides providing clarity in vision too.
  • Crystalline Tinting – This type of tinting is one of the best quality for a home window as it makes use of a special technology that makes the film thinner than even a paper. The window not only gets protection from heat and sunlight but also provides crystal clear look that makes it an ideal option when cost is not a factor to consider.


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