Murals vs Stickers for Unique Wall Decoration

When you are looking for something original for your home décor you surely have in mind more than just furniture and wall paint. A very recent trend on the home decorating market has introduced a lot of options for those wanting something unique and eye catching. Spectacularly decorated walls are nowadays carrying intricate designs filled with colors, surprising messages, slices of life or art deco inspired splashes of color.



For an absolute artistic touch you can consider having somebody paint something on the walls of your rooms. The beauty of this particular decorating style is that each painting is a unique one and no matter how hard he or she would try, they won’t be able to reproduce it exactly anywhere else.

Nature Inspiration

Nature Inspiration

In case you are fond of natural elements you can choose to add them through a mural to an open corner. Have somebody paint a tree, birds flying, butterflies or any other animal figure. Make sure you choose wisely the color scheme so it will integrate easily in your home décor.



In case you are looking for a way to make the nursery or the child’s room unique, you can have somebody paint a wall with the little one’s favorite cartoon characters or bring to life a scene from the jungle or the mountains. For a nursery you can have painted pretty clouds and little fairies, cute flowers or anything fantastic enough to bring the child into a wonderful state of mind.

Anything You Dream

Whether it is a violin playing a string of notes or the logo of your favorite football team, anything goes in case of wall painting. You can simply explain to a wall artist what you wish for and get his or her professional opinion. You will be surprised to see the huge visual impact and the big impression such a work of art has on anybody seeing it.

Wall Stickers

They are certainly the cheaper and easier to come by option for spectacular wall design. The advantage is that you can pretty much use them for a DIY decoration project. Still, they are far from being unique and you may have the surprise to see the look of your room copied by a friend who ordered the same wall stickers.

Black and White

A large number of wall stickers can add a classy touch to your wall design. They come in black and when placed on a white wall they offer that phantom shadow effect. The look is a very familiar to those in love with a touch of vintage in the home décor and certainly has a lot of fans.

More than just Wallpaper

Plain old wallpaper is far from offering the craved artistic impression a well-placed wall sticker can create. Imagine a splendid couch with a wall decorated in wallpaper behind it and compare the image with the look of the same couch and a beautiful wall sticker gently decorating the same wall.

The truth is that many people believe it is hard to transfer the design on the wall but all you have to do is follow the directions on the packaging to the letter. All manufacturers have as target a fuss free application so in case you are a bit careful the result will be a perfect looking wall decoration.


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