Trendy Décor Ideas for 2013 Christmas Tree

Even though it may sound silly to some people, there is such a thing as Christmas décor fashion. In each year new trends arise regarding the Christmas trees and the fashion-forward people take these into consideration as well.

Trendy Décor Ideas for 2013 Christmas Tree

Christmas Lights

It is almost a must for you to use Christmas lights. These could have a subtle effect, but they can become dramatic as well, depending on what your goal is. To achieve a unique tree you should be using bright lights along with stand-out colored ornaments.

Handmade Decorations

One of the latest trends is to be using handmade ornaments to decorate the Christmas tree. You might be thinking about handmade bows, paper and clay ornaments, and so on. The best thing about these decorations is that you can create them together with your kinds, so that it will become a family project.

Few Decorations

In case you would like to make a statement regarding the decorations of the Christmas tree, you should think about using as few ornaments as possible. Choose a tree with sparse branches and decorate it with bright lights, oversize stars, and silvery garlands.

Classic Look

No matter how hard you try, there is nothing prettier than the traditional style of decorating the Christmas tree. However, you should look for traditional looking ornaments with a modern twist. Keep an eye out for draped ribbon, patterned ornaments, and metallic pinecones.

Vision in White

You may have a monochromatic Christmas tree without having to give up our favorite ornaments. Just spray the tree with snow spray and add white owls, silver baubles and other bright colored ornaments. You could have an accent color as well, such as bright gold.

Woodsy Accent

There are some people who follow a tradition of decorating the Christmas tree while others are looking for fresh ideas every year. One of the best ideas for this year is to achieve a woodsy flair by using a combination of green and gold colored ornaments. The result will be a fresh looking tree with an elegant vibe.

Country Charm

In order to achieve the country charm you should use unusual objects to decorate the tree. Stick to the red and white color combination but use paper hearts, dolls, stars, and so on to decorate the tree. Also don’t forget to add a statement tree top, like a half moon that you can find in the nursery.


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