Things To Consider Before Adding Style To Your Windows

windowsWindows are the most neglected section of the house. Many feel that house windows are only meant for ventilation and do not include them in their home remodeling project.

But the hidden fact about windows is that they not only add lighting to the room, but with proper care and treatments, they can even make the room look bright and better.

So, when you are remodeling your home, include windows remodeling. This brings completeness to the remodeling idea.

Before you start the windows decoration in the remodeling section, think of some basic necessities such as what is best for your windows in the room? Does the style of the windows decoration match your taste? Does the windows decoration match your requirements such as the privacy, peace and elegance in the room?

Make sure that the decoration you add to the window matches the furniture and improves the beauty of the room. Before selecting any decoration for your windows remodeling project, see that the decoration does not look awkward and ugly. Before considering the windows remodeling project, consider some basic requirements, which help you in making the window decoration project a success [Selecting curtains to the windows].

Considerations to be made while selecting windows decorations:

Location of window: The location of the window plays an important role in determining the decoration of the windows. Lighting is not same for the windows which are located in different dimensions, so the design also changes.

  • North facing window: These windows bring consistent and clear lighting to the room. Look for decorations which will withhold the inside energy. The windows treatment should be very protected which locks the heat inside and avoids the outside heat to penetrate into the home.
  • East facing windows: These windows bring warm, bright rising rays of the sun into the home. Early-morning sunrays heat-up the room quickly, so choose window decorations which diffuse heat and maintain the room cooler.
  • West facing windows: These windows bring the most hottest and dangerous rays of the sun into the room. The window treatments you use for these windows must have greater control over diffusing the sunrays and must be UV protected as the west windows bring much UV radiations into the home.
  • South facing windows: These windows give a warm light to the room. They are the most natural light source. Choose window treatments which allow light into the room while avoiding the harmful UV radiations.

Try different colors: Many people prefer giving a neutral shade to the windows and try to match the neutral shade to the other colors of the room such as furniture color and room color. How about giving a different color to the windows? Check the color wheel and try to get a color that matches the other colors of the room.

Different textures: If you cannot give different colors to the windows, then prefer giving different textures to the windows. If bright colors do not match the decor of the room, then try different textures and see the elegance it brings to the room. Woven reeds, bamboos and grasses are very good shades to be used at the joints of the windows.

Change the look of the window: If you have a small window which is making the room look awkward, then try to install panel and then see how the panel changes the look of the room. But be sure that you install a light colored panel for more dramatic look to the room. For enhancing the width of the window, see that you install panels or trims which are wider than the window length.


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