Selecting Colors For Kitchen

kitchen decorA good combination of kitchen colors can make your kitchen livelier and more appealing.

However, if you pick the wrong colors, it can ruin your kitchen decor.

Before painting your kitchen, ensure that the cabinet colors and wall colors are compatible.

Here are some tips to select colors for the kitchen:

Tips to select kitchen colors

  • Cool, neutral and light colors give a sense of space to your kitchen as these colors make the walls seem to be receding.
  • White and cream colors represent freshness and cleanliness.
  • Dark colors for the walls of the kitchen make the room look smaller.
  • Yellow can make you feel happier and bright yellow can attract attention and brighten up your kitchen.
  • Gray, when used as a background, can add an air of fine sophistication to the kitchen. This color will enhance any bright color set against it.
  • If your kitchen gets more natural light, use strong and bold colors. However, if you have poor natural light, choose lighter more light-reflecting colors.
  • If you also have a dining room in the kitchen, paint the wall at the side of the dining table with different colors. Go for orange or red as these colors work as appetizers in the dining room.


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