Making a Practical Country Side Kitchen

The modern country kitchen needs not just the perfect décor but also the latest in kitchen appliances to make working in it practical. The plethora of kitchen appliances now available is not just practical but adds to the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen too.

Here are a few must have appliances for the modern countryside kitchen.

One of the basic appliances would no doubt be an oven. The modern oven cooks, roasts, grills and of course bakes too. One needs to look for ovens that can meet the needs of modern cooking.

Kitchen Decoration

When choosing one, remember to look for ovens that have sensor technology that automatically sets the temperature and time depending on the food being cooked.

Another practical and hassle free feature is the pyrolytic cleaning, that turns spillages to ashes at temperatures as high as 500C.

Nothing beats the aroma of freshly baked bread floating through the kitchen and the entire home. Bake fresh bread everyday with the modern bread making appliances. These advanced appliances have LCD displays and timer functions that make life so simple.

The timer allows you settings that ensure that you wake up to the heavenly smell of baked bread. Ask for bread makers with fast mode that bake breads in less than 60 minutes. Also you may like models with an internal light that let you take a peek without spoiling the baking loaf.

Induction hobs are the modern alternative to the conventional gas hobs. Not only are they economical but also an eco-friendly option. Induction hobs use less energy and cook much faster than the gas hobs. Pick hobs with boost buttons that allow high power energy bursts for super fast cooking.

Instead of kitchen hoods that require external venting, one can now opt for statement extractors. This cool new appliance is hung with wires and has a self contained air purification system.

It is a boon for those who don’t like to tamper with the existing ceilings of their country homes. Pick one that can be easily adjusted according to the cooking needs.

Plate warming drawers that do more than just warm plates are a must for the modern country side kitchen. These warming drawers work as storage space when not in use.

They have temperature settings and timers along with fans making them perfect for proving bread and making meringue crisps! Choose one that switches itself off automatically after a specified time, for safety purposes.

Another must have appliance is the combination microwave. It is a microwave oven that combines microwave with convection and grill functions.

So you can use it for traditional cooking that takes less time. If you are planning to install a double oven, then it would be wise to install a built in combination microwave above a traditional oven to reap double benefits.

Do your bit for the green movement with water saving dishwashers. These high tech appliances not only take away the drudgery but also help save on water and time.

Use quick wash modes to cut wash time to half and advanced programming functions like split load to do your soiled pans along with the delicate glass ware.


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