Lego Like Finish For An Original Touch

Denmark is the home of the famous Lego, which inspired generations of children around the world. We never thought Lego could do the same with grown men and add an unusual style to the kitchen.

The idea of adding Lego elements into home decoration comes from the Danish designing duo Simon Pillard and Philippe Rossetti. The successful architects simply combine a minimalistic look with Lego elements.

The Lego Kitchen Island 01This is how they designed a private apartment in Paris, which was so successful that the Danish designers decided to create a whole new line furniture and home décor, built with Lego elements.

The Lego Kitchen IslandLego legged chair is their latest hit, which is already famous in Denmark. After releasing their limited edition, the designers are going to add even more bold ideas for your kitchen.

The Lego Kitchen Island 02Munchausen duo, as they are called, created a kitchen wooden block, made with 20,000 Lego pieces. Now their creations are so popular that lately the idea is called- “emotional release collection”.

The Lego Kitchen Island 03


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