Decorating a Small Kitchen – Use More Creativity than Money

Do you have a small kitchen and also a small budget? This shouldn’t stop you from thinking about big changes. There is a lot you could do with little money and a lot of creativity. One of the basic rules to keep in mind is to recycle. You can use the old items, but find them a new place or a new purpose.

Start with making more space for yourself. This is easy to achieve by adding some open shelves to the bare walls. These could also be highlighted with the help of colors.

Decorating a Small Kitchen

For example, if you have a colorful background, you might keep the color of the shelves light, close to the natural color of the wood. Naturally when working with shelves you must make sure to fix them on the walls well enough to avoid accidents.

In case you have stairs in the house, you could create a nook under them to fit the refrigerator into. You will have some free space in the corner where the refrigerator used to be, and you can add a new counter or a pantry that you needed so much.

The furniture might also need some modifications to make some more useful space. For example, you could think about turning the cabinets into drawers. This way instead of one cabinet with some unused space you could have three, fully functional drawers. Divide the storage space to be able to fit more items.

Add some new light to the kitchen. To offer a retro look, try to create lights from old, vintage jars. Since the lights are dimmer, it is possible to save some energy. The look can be recreated with supplies from any lighting store from your neighborhood.

There are some tricks to use to make the small kitchen look larger. One of them is to use the power of colors. In case there are many different kinds of colors, the space might look really crowded.

This is why it is better to opt for neutral colors and citrus accents that would open up the space. For example add a single stripe of orange to highlight the items, but do not paint the whole place orange for you will overcrowd the kitchen.

As it has been mentioned, in order to stay on the small budget you have, try to use the old items that you still like, but offer them a new look. For instance, you could use the same chairs or stools, but cover the seats with new fabric. In case you have used some colors in the kitchen, you could opt for the same colors for the seat of the chairs.

Find some cheap material that you could reuse. There have been some really creative homeowners, who found online some bowling alley lanes that they could buy quite cheap. They used this material to create the countertop. Naturally you will have some expenses, but not as much as buying completely new furniture.

In case of small spaces, it is useful to opt for colors that have a similar hue for the floor and the cabinetry to make the kitchen look like it is bigger.


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