Fall Is Here So Better Customize Your Kitchen

The truth behind kitchen customization is that when people hear about such a thing they instantly think about something expensive. This doesn’t necessarily has to be this way. You can achieve a lot in your home with a tight budget too.

A focal point

Every room needs to have a focal point to have something for the eye to rest on. In case of the kitchen it could be a built-in storage unit, if it is different from all the other cabinets in kitchen, as an example, through color. One of the products that you could use for this purpose is interior semi-gloss enamel in Beachwalk shade.

Customize Your Kitchen(photo credit: www.thisoldhouse.com)

Add some light

Playing around with light is something fun, but in the same time it is useful too. It might be a good idea to have some pendants placed over an island or a peninsula that adds more personality to the kitchen and in the same time it will be easier to work in the light.


Usually when people think about warm and inviting spaces wood can’t miss either. In case you would like your kitchen to turn into such a place you could add a wooden countertop that comes with a food grade sealer.

Open space

Usually in case all of the cabinets have doors, the kitchen reminds us of the restaurant kitchens where everything has to be out of sight. In order to open the space up a little, opt for the open shelves that make it easier to gain access to the different items and it will make the kitchen a bit more colorful.

Going retro

If you would like to have something that is retro enough to be trendy, then consider an old farmhouse sink that could become the centerpiece of the kitchen. You can find them in different markets, but in case you are looking for a bargain you should inspect the item closely before you purchase it, so the sink will to have chips, rust or scratches. In case it has some problems you can have a professional to fix it.

Protect the walls

If you have decided that you are going to go with the retro look, then you should follow the same style even when it comes to the protection of the walls. Get wood wainscot that has been treated so that it is water-resistant.

All this can be done with little money and a lot of creativity.


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