Sofas to Add a Great Look for Your Home Interiors

Sofas are great pieces of furniture ideal for your living room and your lounge and they can be arranged in accordance to the décor and arrangement of your area. Most of the sofas come with thick padding to provide support for the backs and legs and they are available in vast designs and styles to add great looks for your interior decoration.

Sofas can make your sitting areas look great while also providing the added comfort of relaxed seating. And they can be arranged to fit any of your room settings that you have at a given time.

Here is a collection of up and coming designs in sofas that offer you a pleasant seating experience.

Sofa Ruche

The Ruché sofa by Inga Sempé is an outstanding structure that is available in either stained or natural solid beech. It is supposed to be one of the natural elements you can have in your living room. The height of the sofa’s armrests is same as its back enabling the user to easily stretch out and adjust to his mood.


The DS-600 from De Sede is a multifunctional sofa that allows you to zip-in number of same elements together until you have the sofa that meets your seating requirement. It is made of premium quality leather that is both supportive and stylish.

Grand Island Sleeper

This Grand Island Sleeper is the multifunctional sofa that is designed by HDR Architecture in association with David Edward. It serves multiple functions within the available space as a sofa during the day and as an inviting bed at night. It also has drawers which are ideal for storing linen.

Sofa PicCells

The main case of this Sofa Piccells by Igor Lobanov contains many inflatable linked cell covers which can be filled with air to create a seating space according to our requirements. The main containing case can be otherwise used as a room divider and also as a small coffee-table.


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