Kids Bathroom Decor Ideas

If the kids are lucky enough to have their own bathroom you will have to think about kid’s bathroom décor ideas. You can have a really simple design with gender neutral elements, but if you wish to add more personality to the bathroom you may have a more difficult job.

Kids Bathroom Decor Ideas

Jack and Jill

The main point of this bathroom is that it offers a gender neutral setting for a shared bathroom. Although they have to share, both children will have some privacy. One of the most important features of the bathroom is that the colors of the children’s rooms are reflected by the accessories in the bathroom.

Baby Blues

In order to achieve a larger and brighter space, the bathroom décor ideas for kids suggest using a baby blue color. You could add some darker blue accents as well for contrast. In order to make the space even more interesting, add some bright orange accessories in all the unexpected spots.


When looking for kid’s bathroom décor ideas, you may be interested in a splash of freshness. If you have a narrow and small bathroom, the best color combination you may use is green and orange. Add a pedestal sink and an alternative storage unit and make sure that the kids keep the bathroom clean.

Luscious Hues

In case you are interested in kid’s bathroom décor tips consider adding stripes of color on the walls for a dynamic effect instead of adding color to the entire wall. Add green and orange stripes and to continue this theme you should use orange tiles for the tub and shower area.

Bright Delight

To have some color regarding the kid’s bathroom décor ideas you might add a zesty orange shade to the walls. In order to add a childish charm, consider having a rainbow colored shower curtain. The advantage of the style is that it is versatile and that you don’t have to stick to a given theme.


It is possible that your child has a room with vibrant colors. If this is the case you could create a contrast regarding the bathroom décor tips for kids by creating bathroom with bright colors. Nonetheless, in order to have some continuity, you should have the motifs of the room in the bathroom as well.

Don’t forget that the kid’s bathroom décor ideas need to be functional.


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