Kitchen Extensions Ideas

Cooking isn’t something that people should dread. Usually this happens because they don’t have the right surroundings to inspire them to turn preparing food into art. The kitchen extensions ideas may help them recognize the beauty in cooking and the new space could make spending time in the kitchen more appealing.

Kitchen Extensions Ideas

A New Conservatory

If you have the space for it, you might build a conservatory to the back of the house for a kitchen. It is a good idea to have pale wood cupboards, stainless steel appliances and limestone floor tiles. Add an island in the middle with a granite top that will also serve as a dining table.

Oak Kitchen Extension

In case you are interested in the extension ideas for kitchen, this is one to consider. To achieve a country style you should use old and new wooden beams. The kitchen island should have two main purposes: working and you can use the dining area to entertain guests.

Family Kitchen Extension

When thinking about kitchen extensions ideas there are many different kinds of furniture that you can use to define space, such as an L shaped sofa. If you have an open plan kitchen you could create a relaxed and nice family atmosphere. If you choose a bright color for the kitchen, you can make it look larger.


In case you would like the tips for kitchen extension to have some color, think about a blue kitchen island and wooden countertops. To add some light to the kitchen, it is a good idea to have glass doors. This is a really useful idea to have large windows towards the garden in order to get a lot of light in the kitchen.

Walnut Kitchen

The majority of the kitchen extensions ideas require you to have an open plan kitchen. In this case the majority of the furniture is supposed to be of walnut and you can add silver colored accents and accessories for a luxurious and sleek effect. To have division, think about a step down.

Kitchen and Dining

The kitchen extension tips work the best if you have a lot of light. You can achieve this by having glass roof over the dining area. If you have this possibility, you should hang an antique-looking pendant in the middle. This idea is the most suitable for open floor kitchen plans.

All the above considered you should choose the kitchen extensions ideas that work best for your possibilities.

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