Kitchen Cabinet Trends to Follow

Spring is the season for home improvements. If you are giving your kitchen a makeover then here are a few tips on the latest kitchen cabinet trends.

Kitchen Cabinet Trends to Follow

1. Traditional White Cabinets

White and off-white have always been the favorite color of kitchen cabinets. They give a clean and elegant look to the kitchen and stand the test of time and style. White cabinets are versatile and go well with cottage and contemporary kitchen makeovers too.

2. Petite and Space Saving Cabinets

Traditional kitchen cabinets were designed without much thought to space and size. However, today with space becoming a premium commodity kitchen cabinets are designed for efficiency. For instance, narrow spaces which cannot be used for horizontal storage are being designed for storing cookie sheets, muffin trays and the like. Homeclick, Home Depot, and Lowe’s are all great places to find a wide variety of ready-made cabinets.

3. Customized Cabinets

From drawers to swivel doors, many new fittings have made entry into the kitchen cabinet arena. They can be customized for organizing what they store – grouping cutlery, pots and pans. This helps keep the kitchen clutter- free and easy to delegate work too.

4. Full Length Cabinets

This is a trend that is fast catching up in urban kitchens. One wall of the kitchen is dedicated to a floor to ceiling cabinet that stocks every dish and linen. The full length cabinets not only save space but time too.

5. Built-In Cabinets

Cabinet manufacturers are now focusing on hiding all appliances behind matching cabinet doors to make your kitchen more attractive.

6. Colorful Cabinets

Instead of keeping the same colors of the wood, one can get creative and add color to their kitchen cabinetry. This can be achieved by adding color to the shelves in the form of color stained glass doors or coloring the interior with a bright paint to go with the rest of the décor.

7. Embellishments

Fancy door knobs, carvings and cutouts are some of the ways one can decorate kitchen cabinets. Arched openings and turned-leg cabinets are a great way to make your kitchen look more inviting.


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