5 Must-Haves in a Modern Closet

Closets are inseparable units of our homes and also the most functional. Here are 5 most essential ingredients that can make a closet chic and useful.

1.  Retractable Mirror

Retractable Mirror

A full length mirror is very important and essential in a closet. But many modern closets do not have the space to accommodate a mirror. Modern closets now come with retractable mirrors, which can be pulled out from your hanger rack and returned back after use. This way the most essential feature of a closet is taken care of without compromising on space.

2. Clothing Island

Clothing Island

If you have a little more space to spare, then it is advisable to go for a customized clothing island. This one can accommodate your inner wear and also be used as a stand to fold your clothes and even pack your suitcase straight from the wardrobe.

3. Wardrobe Bath

Wardrobe Bath

Many designers these days believe that combining a closet cum dressing room with a bathroom is very convenient. This way you can get more out of the same space. Another plus is that you can step out of your bathroom fully dressed from head to toe.

4. Illuminated Clothing Rods

 Illuminated Clothing Rods

Most closets often fall short of lighting. But now there are illuminated closet rods available which will not leave you guessing if your blazer is black or blue. These rods come with sleek LED fitted panels covered in plexi glass. Best of all is that this takes up no extra space in the shelf.

5. Natural Light

Natural Light

If you are building your own house then it is best to allow natural light entering your closet. Designing such a closet may not be possible in a used house, but see if you can incorporate the change. It will keep your closet well ventilated and prevent clothes and shoes from getting musty.


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