Pressed Leaves – A Colorful Fall Touch to Compliment Your Home

If someone asks which is the most representative item of fall what would you say? Most probably you would say the falling leaves and this might be the correct answer. If you bring the leaves into your home, you can actually bring the fall inside.


In case you like art made with leaves, there are some simple ideas that anybody could use. All you have to do is to find a leaf that you like and press it. Once it has dried place it between two pieces of glass. The glass should be secured to each other, and the best way to do it is to wrap colored linen book cloth tape as a frame for it. Choose the color of the tape according to the color of the leaf.

Fall Decoration Pressed Leaves(photo credit:


A boring old vase could come to life with a little bit of creativity. All you need for this is some markers and acrylic paint. Paint a tree on the side of the vase. Then get some pressed leaves and cut out small leaf shapes. Glue these small leaves to the branches of the trees with glue or adhesive.


A lot of people use storage boxes, and these could be made more interesting with the help of pressed leaves. All you have to do is to glue the leaves to the boxes with the help of decoupage medium. To make it look like the leaves are falling, you could place the boxes on a shelf.

The bedroom

In case you would like to sleep in style, all you have to do is to glue pressed leaves to the bare wall or to the furniture and bed decorations the type of pillows. You will add instant personality to the room.

The products of fall

Fall isn’t just about the falling leaves, but also about the other items, such as pinecones and acorns. Mix these with the pressed leaves for a more intense effect. As an example you could place some in a glass bowl for a rustic effect.

Make some light

If you are looking for a more daring project than just gluing leaves here and there, then try creating a lamp. Use a glass bowls with a pinecone in it to work as the base of the lamp. Add to the lamp a brown lampshade that is decorated with small acorns, for example.

You will have the ultimate fall feeling.


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