Make Your Living Room an Exemplary One with End Tables

Choosing the right furniture can transform your idea of a dream home into reality. But with the changing trends in furniture designs all over, decorating our interiors has become quite a tough task especially when you want both comfort and style.

However, modern living room furniture is the first choice when looking for both and it is also very practical in use. Further, selecting furniture that can retain its fresh look for a long time and also is easy to maintain are the primary things to consider when making suitable choices for your home decoration.

End tables, coffee tables and the likes that offer a stylish mix of materials and finishes are practical in use and they also give your interiors a complete and exotic look. Here are a few of the latest trends in the table designs that give a balanced look to your interiors.

Ava Coffee Table

The Ava coffee table from Fuller Design Associates is made of carbon fiber composites which means that it is completely light weight and strong. The composition of materials ensures that the table will last indefinitely if maintained properly.

Omni Side Table

The Omni Side Table designed by Hellman-Chang is carefully shaped by hand using solid wood. It is thoughtfully designed to offer style to your living room.

Birdie Table

The Birdie Table designed by Jason Phillips reflects aerodynamics and balance to woo the users. The coffee table is convenient and versatile and is sure to represent your style and fashion.

Calmp Rectangular Coffee Table

This clamp rectangular coffee table, also by Jason Phillips is made of wood that securely clamps the glass to provide a modern coffee table that is sure to promote your living room interiors.

Coffee Bean Table

The Coffee Bean Table is yet another aspiring and astonishing design furniture to decorate your living room. It is designed by Nada Debs. The elliptical design of the coffee table houses smaller bean shaped tables. It comes in different materials such as Macassar ebony wood, White lacquered wood, and Red lacquered wood.


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