Home Accessories for Your Interiors

Home accessories are kind of finishing touches that completely transform the interiors of your dream home. They are needed to make your home look complete and serene. While adding glamour to your interior decoration they allow you to really express yourself and tell your guests about your taste.

Further, they can be easily replaced to reflect a fresh seasonal change. Home accessories such as decorative fireplaces, wall panels, cushions, rugs and throws will help you in adding a quick update in line with the changing seasons.

Here are some of the latest trends in home accessories that can help you in improving your home decoration.

Twig panel

Pinch Twig Panelling

This twig panelling from Pinch is made of solid ash forest thinning. It is specifically designed as a sculptural wall finish and is suitable for large walls of your interiors and as well to smaller alcoves.

Cone fireplace

Cone Fireplace

The Cone, designed by Gritti Rollo is a bio-ethanol fireplace. It is made out of light Oak wood and is available in different dimensions to match your requirements.

3D wall tiles

Dune 3D Wall Tiles

Dune 3D wall tiles by Urbanproduct are available currently in concrete and the company is yet trying to release the tile in different materials such as wooden and ceramic. These affordable wall treatments are the ideal choice for both your interiors and exteriors.

Wallpaper created from stone

 Stoneground Wallpaper

This tree-free wall paper from Trove is a combination of mineral power and non-toxic resin that transforms into wall”paper” that is unmatched to others.


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