One Man’s Junk Could Be Your Treasure

interior designLeading academics may have not foreseen the current world recession but forecasting the trend in home interior design does not need much of an imagination.

Suddenly buying and selling property to make money is a distant memory and people are now realizing that their existing house can easily made into a wonderful family home.

Changing interior décor will be based on existing furniture or looking for second hand treasures, buying everything new is no longer possible for most people.

Trends are affected by what is happening around us, and we are entering a make do and mend phase, which is good for the soul and the human spirit. Appreciating what we have will replace displaying our wealth with the thickness of a carpet or a designer label.

Function will mean more than looks, and everything considered for the home must justify its purchase more than ever before. Comfort and practicality is what is required, our homes are now one of the last refuges from a difficult world and everyone is in the same sorry state.

Look out for bargains at yard sales, after all one man’s junk is another person’s happy ever after. An old sofa can be recovered or even loose covers be made much cheaper than a brand new suite.

Even large throws can hide a multitude of wear and tear. Cheap ready made curtains can be spruced up with some trim from a haberdashery store very easily.

If you change the way you shop for home furnishings there are many bargains waiting to be discovered. Don’t forget eBay or the Craig list, being savvy means embracing every different shopping experience that is out there.


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