Step Back And Take The Time To Be More Creative With Your Bathrooms

bathroom designSince the nineteen seventies the humble bathroom has gradually become bigger, as the years have progressed.

Today many homes now have two and often, all, or most, of the bedrooms have en-suite.

This creates a need for plenty of inspiration to enable people to get the décor just right for their lifestyle.

Many individuals use their bathrooms as a sanctuary with large comfortable baths for long luxurious soaking.

The days of dashing in and out of a tiny bath or freezing shower are long gone. Power showers are a far cry from their distant cousins and walk in shower rooms are also worth considering.

When deciding on each bathroom, take into consideration how it will be used and by whom. The possibilities are endless so you do not need to compromise.

The size of the space is the next factor but even then you can get designs that are perfect for a smaller more awkward room. It just might mean being a bit more creative.

Storage is worth thinking about and where possible try to incorporate built in cabinets which can really help to reduce clutter, especially if you have children who love their various bath toys around them. Look out for linen baskets that can double as a seat, mirrored cabinets and other interesting storage ideas.

It is always worth making a floor plan of the area and working out on paper, different elements can be altered to make it seem any bigger. If you have a rarely used spare bedroom it might be worth converting it into a bathroom rather than compromise too much with an inadequate sized existing bathroom.

If you have a very large bedroom, creating an en-suite might be a solution to the overstretching of a small family bathroom. If taking baths is an integral part of your relaxation process, perhaps a large roll top bath screened off in your master bedroom will be a luxury that you may truly appreciate.

Like all decisions in home interior design, function is an important consideration; if you are struggling to work out how you can improve a space it might be worth contacting a professional.

A lot of retailers offer a basic design service quite similar to kitchens and other fitted room scenarios.

Do plenty of research and look around the various stores so you know exactly what is out there. Modern sanitary ware comes in many shapes and sizes. There are several tricks available to create an illusion of more space; one of these is the careful use of bathroom mirrors. The latter is a much cheaper option and will introduce plenty of reflective light into a space.


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